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Tel: +84 923 807 668
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Tel: +84 923 807 668
Email: tung.le@vietcraft.com.vn
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Hot news
'A Work of Art': Echoes of Vietnam in the latest in war trilogy

A Work of Art: Echoes of Vietnam War fill Elaine Romero's latest play in her"U.S. at War" trilogy.

Water colour display at Fine Arts Museum

Viet Nam Fine Arts Museum is showing a collection of watercolour sketches to mark the 105th birth anniversary of master artist Tran Van Can (1910-2015).

Photo exhibition showcases country's beauty

A photo exhibition of works about Viet Nam's people and natural landscape opened yesterday at the HCM City-based Rex Hotel Saigon.

Climate quiz awards granted

The EU Delegation to Viet Nam gave five quiz participants from Ha Noi, HCM City and Da Nang awards yesterday for answering questions about climate change on its Facebook page.

Series of events planned to celebrate Family Day

The E De ethnic group's traditional marriage proposal will be staged for the first time at the Viet Nam National Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism on Sunday morning.


Tin tức

Art show dubbed intangible heritage
The Tuong Xu Quang (Quang Nam classic drama region) art performance has been recognised as a National Intangible Heritage.

Valuable relics discovered in Ninh Binh
Archeologists from the Viet Nam Institute of Archaeology have discovered numerous valuable relics in the Vu Lam royal step-over place, located within the Trang An scenic landscape complex.

Dance takes hat off to tradition
Dance takes hat off to tradition
Two Vietnamese artists who trained in contemporary art in the Netherlands have combined forces to create a dance and music show that will premiere in HCM City this Saturday.

Masks reveal artist's passion for tuong
"Following in one's father's footsteps, in addition to having an inborn talent, is still not enough for pursuing tuong (classical drama) of Hue. To pursue the art, hot and fierce passion is needed," artist La Hung said.

Vietnamese and Korean dancers to present cultural show
Vietnamese and Korean dancers will jointly perform in the Cay No (crossbow) show, based on the legends of the two countries, at HCM City Opera House on June 2.

Photo contest set for central regions
The Viet Nam Association of Photographic Artists (VAPA) will launch a photo contest in Da Nang for people in the central and Central Highlands regions from July 30 to August 28.

Children with autism express themselves through art
An art exhibition in downtown Ha Noi showcases the world as seen by five autistic children.

Artist uses natural colours from herbs
For artist Ly Truc Son, paint-ings are the medium through which he can portray all the innermost passions in his life.

New German art programme for children
Vietnamese children will experience German art by participating in a special programme held by the Viet Nam National Museum of Fine Arts and Goethe Institute on May 23, 24 and 31.

SE Asian art asks viewers to engage
At an exhibition of Southeast Asian artists in Ha Noi, visitors are invited to be part of the performance. Singaporean artist Amanda Heng's Let's Chat asks the audience to sit down for a chat with the artist, in effect becoming a performer in the artwork.